Beneath a Cloudy Vacancy

Smoke puffs and ponders before

billowing and wisping through a window

exchanging a cool breeze for the final

grey thoughts of a weary traveler

chewing on the nub of a glowing cigar

that is soon grasped between

the index and middle finger of his hand

gripping a greying steering wheel

while the other reaches for a mug.

Steam rises with pondering participation

from the mug filled to the brim

and much too hot to gulp

and weary traveler gags,

thoughtlessly throttled awake

as grey ash plunks down

upon his pant leg

causing him to place down

with speed and care the mug

so as to avoid marking up

the other leg with the piping

stains of a meaningless musing.

Brushing away streaks of grey carelessness

and dissatisfied with the results

weary traveler takes another go

at his mug and sips,

squinting into the sunny overcast

and seeing, perhaps a mile or so,

the dark seduction of a stormy sky

and he sighs into the air spicy

with rain, exhaust, and cigar smoke.

Drops plunk poignantly upon

the windshield of weary traveler’s car

as he takes a deliberating drag

on the soggy remains of a cigar

now unpleasant to puff

and tosses it out the window

and into the air heavy with mist

as the pitter-patter picks up pace

and wind pushes weary traveler’s

car from side to side

plunking with rapid speed

drops of rainfall

bringing traffic

to a halting